The self-help, personal development, success blueprint programs you have experienced have not worked for numerous reasons…

You need to discover why…and you need to make those investments pay off somehow.

 The problem is – YOU!  You are getting in the way of your own success.  Doesn’t matter whether you seek:

  • A better you
  • A better marriage
  • A better career
  • Or a richer bank account

Nothing works because something is missing in your life and you don’t know what it is.

At least that’s the most common reason people join the FreeThinking Renegades Nation.

There is a void in their lives and they don’t know how to fill it.

Our daily inspirations help you think differently, increase your own awareness and breakthrough some of the barriers you didn’t know you put up for yourself.

As a member of the nation you get personalized attention!

  • We get to know every member here after allthey are part of our family.
  • When we write our daily inspirations – we do so quite often because we inspired by the members and the needs they’ve expressed to us.  We LISTEN and deliver!
    • You “the members” set the tone for us to lead you
    • The stories we write have a purpose for those who follow
    • And people follow to increase THEIR purpose
  • Some writings may also be dedicated to members.
  • And members are encourage to write their own content for submission to the nation (both publicly and privately) as well
  • The more you contribute and inspire others –the higher your chances are to become and FTR Leader or “Chief Renegade” as well.   The accolades and credibility you get from this are priceless.

Need more benefits; get inspired by these:

 1. Exclusive Renegade Awareness Programs: (for those who do appreciate a blue print) <- Our renegade courses are FREE to members and dedicated to helping them systematically break through their barriers.  

With these programs, members can go at their own pace until they unlock their freedom, on their own terms!

2.  A private Social Network for deeper member only discussions and co-creative growth among members.

You think our discussions on Facebook are inspiring!  You’ve seen nothing yet.

Even though many of our members are just as active on our Facebook pages – they too have the opportunity to engage amongst themselves privately here in the nation for deeper connections and more creative growth.

No one has to socialize publicly if they don’t want to but they can still benefit from the amazing gifts of our community within the membership!

3. Clear Category Organization.If you need or want to focus on ONLY the areas in life that matter most to you – we have the means to help you do exactly that.  The Nation’s content is categorized by the key areas of life that most people get stuck on.   This includes topics from Health to Relationships and Business to Success – it’s all outlined and clearly to navigate as you need, when you need it!

4. Weekly mind-shift challenges: If you are ready for change but cannot commit to a program , don’t want to sort through content categories etc. this is a great place to start. With these weekly mind shift challenges, you will find one mind-shifting challenge to start each week that starts with an inspiring video/post and challenges members to think or do something different for the week.  Most will focus on small changes that work towards big differences, but they will invoke positive change nonetheless.

PLUS in 2013 we will be launching exclusive daily inspiration / micro-challenges:  These are designed to support the weekly challenges enhancing the challenge and makes it easier or even more exciting to take on

5. Reflective Daily Inspiration:  These come in all forms of inspiration from the Nation’ss leaders and other members.  This includes our already existing commitments of Brian and Carries 300 words to exclusive member content (which we simply choose not to list for privacy reasons), renegade warrior videos, motivational quotes, message posters, poetry and prose, Carrie and Brian uncensored etc.This is all the fun stuff that combines both planned and randomized inspirational content to make a big difference in your life.

 6. And finally but certainly not least; we have the Ambassador Program.  Here at the nation, we have Chief Renegades, Category Managers and Other Leaders.  But we also recognize our true champions as well.

The Ambassador Program identifies certain members because they regularly participate in the conversations in and outside of the nation, they HELP others and uplift others.  Nation Ambassadors get a badge of honor and definitely some “street cred” within the nation for being a “more valuable member”.

NOTE: Our Ambassadors are the ones we look at as prospective future leaders as well.
So if you think you have what it takes to be a leader at — you want to aim for this accomplishment.

 And this is only just the beginning. is relatively new, but already changing lives beyond imagination. 

 See the video for proof (shows 100 voices video below)

All Alliance members receive free membership to the nation while participating in an FTR Alliance – for anyone else, we offer a simple, low cost, monthly membership fee that you can cancel at any time.

Only $3.75/Month

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