Live a Life of Purpose: Know Your Truth – Part 2

To fully understand this post on Live a Life of Purpose: Know Your Truth,  I would suggest you start with Part 1 in this series:  Live a Life of Purpose: Know Your Truth – Part 1.

Finding the purpose of life is a matter of knowing what’s true and what isn’t.

And no matter how difficult this feels to read, its factuality is a virtual lock for you; so long as you allow it to penetrate and resist the urge to heighten those defensive walls of yours.

Your truth is a lie.

It’s just the story you’ve allowed to become your life.

Because that’s what happens to all of us.

Born innocent, wide-eyed and pure, we evolve into miniature spirits constantly on the uptake for new stimulus, experience and adventure.

We portray ourselves as the princess and truly believe in the authenticity of our monarchial role play.

We concoct the tree house and legitimately embrace our character as the neighborhood hero warding off the evil invaders intent on pillaging our community.

We frolic without fear.

Cavort without care.

Live inspired and with great informality.  As if we are already so completely in tune with the purpose of life.

Until the derail; when the cautionary tale about life’s true, bleak essence catches up and we slip into the chasm of believing in the horrific facts that have been foretold by virtually every adult in our life.

That we are condemned to limitations.

That we “can’t”… Insert your restriction here.

I can’t lose the weight because I don’t have the willpower and my bad knee won’t let me exercise.

I can’t find true love because I’m just not that lucky.

I can’t become more financially stable because the economy is bad and it’s the governments fault.

I can’t go on that trip because it’s too expensive.

I can’t take a shot at building my dream business because it’s too large a risk.

I can’t only think about myself, I have a family to feed and obligations to meet.

Your “can’t” is your lie.

But in every way, it has become your truth.  The purpose of life, lost forever.

The essential and indispensable story you’ve decided to craft in order shield your eyes from the horizon as the sun sets both magnificently, but bitterly on your life.

And until you draw awareness to that reality, your legacy will be based on what could have been…

Not easy to hear, perhaps.  But my hope is to create emotion in you… The purpose of life will live forever.  Be you won’t.

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