Financial Stress and Other Money Related Lies – Part 2

To fully understand this post on Financial Stress and Other Money Related Lies,  I would suggest you start with Part 1 in this series:  Financial Stress and Other Money Related Lies – Part 1.

Does money buy happiness?

Happiness and money means you know your Truth right?

Likely, the great lie you’ve been spinning in your head for most of your life.

I want to remind you how critical Step #1 really is, though. You must learn to understand your Truth. How does the topic of money make you feel? How do you feel about the fact you have money (if you do)? How do you feel about those who do (if you don’t)?

And do both me and yourself a massive favor…

… Don’t do what you and most others normally do.

Keep lying.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness”

“I don’t have much money, but I like it better this way. Life is simpler without it”

“I’m glad I don’t have money; I don’t ever want to become greedy”

“You can’t have money and happiness. People who have it aren’t happy and I’d rather be happy than rich”

Perhaps just start admitting to yourself that your relationship with money is not healthy.

And that the more you keep telling yourself these tall tales, the more they will become your Truth in every way.

That being said, my own personal happiness and money epiphany came through a “3-Tiered-System” that entirely changed my life (and my mindset) –

Increase Monthly Revenue
Decrease Monthly Expenses
Eliminate Debt

Simple in theory AND practicality as long as you’ve done the work I outlined on Monday and found your Truth.

Because there really are very easy things you can do to make more money every month.

There are even easier things you can do to limit your outgoing cash every 30 days.

And the surplus you will create by doing so is exactly what you need to pay off every single one of your creditors.

It took me nearly 19 months to eliminate roughly $20,000 worth of debt I had accumulated fruitlessly during the 3 year period prior to me creating and implementing this system.

You know what I found out?

Happiness and money do co-exist.

No, one does not necessarily beget the other.

But the sense of freedom, pride, accomplishment and liberation I felt after steadfastly and faithfully applying this system to me financial world brought about as much happiness and giddiness to me as anything I had ever experienced before.

And it made me rabid for more.

Not more money, per say, but more freedom.

More emancipation from the feelings of ‘stuck’ and ‘fear’ that encircle us all when we get those dreaded credit card statements every month.

More liberty to stop having to say “I’d love to… but I can’t afford it”.

Happiness and money do go together… But in the sense of freedom, not worth.

Do you see the difference.

My 19 month journey is what lead me to continue the path of discovering more ways to gain and build freedom; and was the catalyst that allowed me to “retire” before my 40th birthday.

I explain everything in this short video… Be sure to watch.

And then Friday, well, that’s when I reveal the rest.

Unless you have Truth about happiness and money you sit on one side of the polarized spectrum –

The Poverty Mind-Set
The Extravagance Mind-Set

Where are you and what are the horrible consequences?

Come back Friday to find out…


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  1. Matt H August 9, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Funny how this is the topic this week as this has been something I have been doing the past year to help eliminate financial stress.

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